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Ensure that your company news and messages reach the right audience through PR and events. Experienced PR experts will take care of the creation, maintenance, and sharing of a positive company image and communication environment where you’ll be able to share everything with the right people. These are your customers, institutions,  media, and employees.

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PR and events for your business

PR or Public Relations along with organising business events are of fundamental importance for the appropriate positioning of your brand on the market and its ability to reach the right audience. Via well-organised and selected PR activities and events, your news and valuable information will be presented to the people that are important to your business – your potential customers and loyal clients. 

Our PR and events management service includes:

  • PR strategy
  • PR planning
  • Crisis PR
  • Press conference management
  • Press conference message creation
  • Media relationship management
  • Press monitoring & press clipping

We’ll take care of your event management, the creation of event concepts, planning, budgeting, the full implementation and organisation of the event, and result analysis. 

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What is PR and how does it help grow your audience?

The truth is that no one will buy a product or service from a company that they’re not familiar with. The PR solution will help your business become visible and have an influence on targeted users, leaving a positive impression about all that stands behind the brand. The main objective of PR is to create a positive reputation in the mind of the consumer, which leads to lasting relationships and more sales.

What type of PR services can you benefit from

Our PR solutions include print ads, radio, TV, social media marketing, event organisation & management, PR strategy & planning, press conferences, press releases, press monitoring, and clipping.

What can you expect from a well-organised business event

 The easiest way for you to get to know your clients is to meet them face to face. This is where the power of business events comes in – they bring together in one place a group of potential clients and give your business an opportunity to present its abilities in an interesting and creative way. A well-organised event hosts the right people at the right place and opens new opportunities for lasting relationships, collects information on potential clients, and presents your products and services in the best way. 

What else can we help with?

In order to provide a high-quality PR service and guarantee results, we’ll need to take care of a few other additional things in advance. These include creating a brand identity, creating a website, SEO optimisation, and more.

The value of good PR

The ultimate goal of PR is not only to sell. PR is also about telling stories.


High-quality PR opens new doors to opportunities to inform the right audience about all important releases, ideas, or values behind any brand.


Win over and contain your target audience’s attention via the creation of an individual and bespoke PR strategy and successful business event management.


Your business needs lasting and useful relations in order to prosper and grow. These include the relationships with your potential clients, media partners, institutions, and others.

what we offer

Once you have an amazing product or service to offer, rely on experienced specialists and guarantee that they’ll help your potential customers solve their problems via your offerings.

Affordable Rates

We believe that no matter how exceptional a service is, it’s not successful if it’s not accessible to all. We rely on a flexible pricing model, offering inexpensive rates. Enjoy business growth without risking too much with a substantial investment.

A Rich Diversity of Services

Don’t waste time searching for different partners and service providers for the different elements of your digital marketing strategy. At PAN Digital, you’ll discover a colourful palette of services, which will take care of every piece of the puzzle for you.

Customised Solutions

Regardless if we’re talking about PR, event management, branding, copywriting, SEO optimisation, or another service, the key to success is personalisation. We devote our time and attention to creating individual and bespoke strategies for every client.

not sure where to start? 

Apart from quality digital marketing services, PAN Digital also offers access to dedicated, experienced, and trained experts who are ready to help every client. If you’re not sure where to start or you’re struggling to choose between services, get to know us better via an initial consultation and learn more about our services. We’ll help you make the right choice.

Our Clients Share

“I would definitely recommend the company to anyone who wants a properly functioning site that can be used to reach customers more easily and, of course, with an appealing design. But that's not all. The team has an extremely professional attitude, their responsiveness is exceptional and they're unbeatable in understanding what the client needs and wants. Once you see the results from their work, I think you'll be tempted to leave a review too.”


Peter Dimitrov

Owner and Manager, VP Smart Removals

“I started working with PAN Digital before they even became an agency officially. As a new company with a limited budget, I was looking for someone who could provide results so that we could "turn things around" and get my business going. We have been working together for two years and I am pleased with the growth I've seen as a result, which has allowed me to expand my team. I would highly recommend to anyone!


Dimitar Tanev

Owner, Caledonian Cabs

“I reached out to Pan Digital from a recommendation. The results of their work were visible in just a few months, which is outstanding considering the industry. I've been using their services for more than a year now and my range of activities has expanded, each of them thriving rapidly thanks to their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail. They are always responsive and receptive to ideas and advice.”


Radosveta Karaivanova

Owner, Flexy Pro

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