Regardless of whether you need a business website that will introduce your clients to your services or products or a product website that includes your online product catalogue, we are here to help.

You can trust the experts from PAN Digital for the creation of a profit-making, well-structured, dependable website for your business.

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what is a high-quality website

A company website is the first thing that your users and potential clients find about your brand online. It can dramatically improve or destroy your online presence, depending on the way it has been created and implemented.  

Here are some indicators that differentiate a good website from the rest:  

  • Intuitive design
  • Informative content
  • SEO optimisation
  • Successfully advertises and sells 

The main objective of a quality website is to provide a unique user experience. This guarantees more sales for your business, more loyal clients, and faster and secure growth.  

Website Development ot PAN Digital

What types of websites can we create

Our experience in website creation allows us to quickly and easily create different types of websites which meet and exceed the expectations of every client. Some of the most common types of websites that we create for our customers include online shops, landing pages, and corporate websites.

What is necessary for the creation of a quality website

In order to create a high-quality website, you’ll need a range of technical skills, creativity, an individual approach, and patience. The experts at PAN Digital have extensive knowledge in areas such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and other technologies, which guarantee exceptional results or a website that will serve your business for years ahead. 

What is the website creation process?

Our website creation process begins with an analysis of the niche and users. We’ll get to know who your clients and competitors are and we’ll learn more about your users’ expectations. The next step is the planning and creation phase. Apart from laying a stable foundation for your company website, we’ll ensure that it is well-optimised in accordance with SEO practices. We’ll turn it into a useful place where your potential customers can discover valuable information via excellent copywriting. The last step is dedicated to final touches and implementation. Receiving our clients’ feedback is of paramount importance to us. We’ll discuss the results and we’ll familiarise the client with the website’s functionalities. 

What can you expect from PAN Digital's websites?

Our clients enjoy intuitive, SEO-optimised, and flexible websites. What makes us different from the rest is that we always approach every project with individuality and personalisation. We’ll take into account every criterion that our clients have shared with us and we’ll make sure that the final product meets all of your expectations.  

What else can we offer?

Website creation is just the first step in the marketing journey that will take your business to more customers and sales. Our team also offers other services like SEO optimisation, copywriting, and paid advertising, which all guarantee the success of your company website. 

how we create websites in PAN Digital 

We not only rely on the basics but also know what spices to add in order to design and create the perfect website for your business.

research & analysis

We will research your competitors, understand your users and comply with the unique specifics of every business when creating a bespoke website.


We’ll prepare the initial structure of the website, which we then discuss with the client. It’s important to receive feedback during the process in order to achieve maximum results for the brand.


After the finishing checks and tests, we’ll deliver the final product. The implementation process includes a short training of the basic functionalities of the website.

What we offer

Are you ready to build your brand’s online presence with a high-quality, reliable website? 

Flexible Pricing

Our website creation rates are flexible and adapted to the needs and budget of the business. However, this doesn’t mean that we will make a compromise on quality.

Complementary Services

We offer a wide range of additional services that aim to strengthen the appearance and functionalities of the website. From branding to copywriting, you can find everything you need at PAN Digital.

Landing Pages

We can create different landing pages aimed at certain marketing campaigns and implement them seamlessly into the functionalities of the website. 

not sure where to start?


In the dynamic business routine, it’s completely natural for business owners or managers to lack the necessary time for thorough research on the types of marketing services your business needs to grow.

Let us help by offering an initial consultation in order to identify together what type of website your business needs and what additional services you can benefit from.

Our Clients Share

“I would definitely recommend the company to anyone who wants a properly functioning site that can be used to reach customers more easily and, of course, with an appealing design. But that's not all. The team has an extremely professional attitude, their responsiveness is exceptional and they're unbeatable in understanding what the client needs and wants. Once you see the results from their work, I think you'll be tempted to leave a review too.”


Peter Dimitrov

Owner and Manager, VP Smart Removals

“I started working with PAN Digital before they even became an agency officially. As a new company with a limited budget, I was looking for someone who could provide results so that we could "turn things around" and get my business going. We have been working together for two years and I am pleased with the growth I've seen as a result, which has allowed me to expand my team. I would highly recommend to anyone!


Dimitar Tanev

Owner, Caledonian Cabs

“I reached out to Pan Digital from a recommendation. The results of their work were visible in just a few months, which is outstanding considering the industry. I've been using their services for more than a year now and my range of activities has expanded, each of them thriving rapidly thanks to their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail. They are always responsive and receptive to ideas and advice.”


Radosveta Karaivanova

Owner, Flexy Pro

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